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The Vision

To give musically gifted children living in the northen periphery of Israel, the change to excel. The dream has become a program of excellence recognized now all over Israel and throughout the world.


International teaching standards to young musicians in Israel’s periphery

In Israel there are multiple conservatoires and teachers who offer lessons on a private and municipal level. However, there are very few places that offer the level of music education necessary for gifted children to become professional musicians and these are located in the centre of the country. Thus, the peripheries lack the excellent music education needed to fulfil the potential of talented children.

The Musicians of Tomorrow project was founded as an initiative of the famous violinist Maxim Vengerov who asked Anna Rosnovsky to join him. The purpose and goal is to give children living in the far distant north the same opportunities that musically gifted students receive in the centres of the world. Maxim’s aim was also that Israel should be “known not just for its wars and soldiers, but for its young musicians.”

The fulfilment of our vision began when Anna moved to the north of Israel to establish Musicians of Tomorrow with Maxim Vengerov. Over the years, other musicians joined the project. Each talented student is taught by the best possible local teacher and also by one of the leading musicians in the country:

Dr Anna Rosnovsky – Iliya Shishkovic (Acco);

Prof Michal Tal – Luba Epstein (Safed);

Prof. Yossi Ahrenheim (leading Israeli woodwind musician) – Sharon Zimmerman (Safed);

Jonathan Hadas (IPO clarinetist) – Zvi Gluzman (Bloomington alumnus – Safed)

Sarah Pop (Theory and Solfege) ,(Oxford and Cambridge alumna) (Rosh Pina).

Approximately only 2% of the population are designated as extremely talented. Thus, over the years, our project has always had between 15 to 20 students. Several of our current cohort have been designated by the Ministry of Education as exceptionally talented children: Ronnie, Manya, Gilad, Lavi, Tchelet, (Hadi and Valery are on the waiting list for next year)

Following are the names of our children:

1. Ronnie Arbitman. 13 years old. Kiryat Motzkin. Grant

2. Manya (Miriam) Swissa. 15 years old. Safed. Pianist. Grant.

3. Gilad Yakunt 14 years old. Kfar Tavor. Clarinet. Grant

4. Lavie Tzarfati 16 years old. Safed. Grant.

5. Tchelet Tzarfati 14 years old. Flute. Grant

6. Hodaya Ayali. 17 years old. Safed. Flute. Grant

7. Valery Olyanikov 9 years old. Acco. Violin. Grant

8. Shira Torgeman 9 years old. Safed. Pianist. Grant

9. Ella Harari 9 years old. Rosh Pina. Pianist. Grant

10. Anya Shalsky 12 years old. Karmiel. Violinist. Grant

11. Miriam Edri 13 years old. Tiberias. Violinist . Grant.

12. Hadi Abd-el-Gani 13 years old. Acco. Violinist

13. Nikolay Belugin 14 years old. Acco. Violinist

14. Mohammad Kaduri 13 years old. Acco. Violinist

15. Nahaya Safdi 13 years old. Acco. Violinist

16. Yohonatan Kriitchily 9 years old. Acco. violinist

17. Teresa Hada 13 years old. Jish. Violinist

18. Rami Nidjam 9 years old. Jish. Violinist


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