Student Feature

As we share about a few students and alumni, we would like to begin with the words of Noga Ezras, a nine year old violinist who recently joined us. 

As she played with four other young violinists from our project, she was so moved that she left Anna a note: 

“A common language – by Noga Ezras:

In our project there are five students who speak all kinds of languages such as Arabic, Russian and Hebrew, but the music that we all play together is the language that unites between all the cultures because it is common to all of us , and we all learned to understand it

Manya Suissa

Manya Suissa Our soloist Manya Suissa comes from a one-parent family in Safed. She started learning piano with Luba Epstein aged 6 and continues also with Prof. Michal Tal from the Jerusalem Music Center. She is now aged 15 and is part of the Outstanding Young Pianists Group at the Jerusalem Music Center where she was given her own teaching session at this year’s Summer School, and is now a junior member of staff at Musicians of Tomorrow, teaching piano as a second study instrument to some of our younger students. She has performed twice in Toronto and Belgium and is a recipient of the Keren Sharett grant.

Barak Dan and Erez Fogel

Barak and Erez are alumni of the Musicians of Tomorrow and teach younger students in the project. During Barak’s years in the project, he was invited to play as soloist at the Budapest Euro Festival, in Montreal, Halle and Vienna. Barak and Erez also performed in the Leeds Festival, in London, Toronto and in the McGill University in Montreal. Today Erez is a student at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Barak is studying Software Engineering after completing his service as an officer in the IDF and continues to play with Musicians of Tomorrow.

Hadi Abdelgani

Hadi is 15 years old and has been learning violin with Anna for five years as part of a fruitful project between Musicians of Tomorrow and the Acco Conservatoire (the biggest bi-lingual music conservatoire in Israel). Hadi lives in Acco and is the son of Noy Abdelgani, a famous player of the Nay (Arabic flute) throughout the Middle East. Hadi is a solo violinist who performs both Arabic and western classical music

Lavie Zarfati

Clarinettist Lavie Zarfati (18, Sefad) studies clarinet with Jonathan Hadas (Clarinettist of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra) and Zvi Gluzman, previous studies with Ilan Schul (former director of the Jerusalem Academy of Music). Lavie receives a scholarship at the Musicians of Tomorrow and has participated in the international Klezmer Festival in Sefad. In 2018 he was invited together with Manya and Ronnie to play in the Toronto Jewish Music Festival

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